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26 days ago

Use-Cases Release 12 (April-May)

New AI Use-cases & CV Developments☄️☄️
1. Person Entry/Exit from Specific Door
2. Machine Downtime Detection- Motion Based
3. Package Count on Conveyor
4. Staff Using Mobile Phone
5. Customer Dwell Time
6. Staff Grouping Detection
7.  Person Count on Table
8. Vehicle Tailgating
9.  Customer Greeting Ethics
10. Customer Walk-In Count (With Inclusion & Exclusion of Color)
11.  ANPR Introduction in Vehicle Wait Time 
12.  FPS Drop Down Alerts
13.  Table Occupancy Exceeded allowable number
14.  Vehicle Count Crossing Line/ROI at specific Intervals
15.  Parking Occupancy Detection
16.  Vehicle Count More than ‘x’ Vehicle in ROI

Fixes/Improvisations ✔️

1.  Table Occupancy Alerts
2.  Staff Member Not Seen Within ‘x’ seconds of Vehicle Arrival- False Results
3.  Customer Wait Time Exceed/ Delivery Agent Wait Time Exceed- Wait Time Mismatch issue
4.  Customer Standing Staff Member Not Present- Wrong Timelapse length
5.  Gas Stove On but person not available- Introduction of Timelapse
6.  Machine Downtime Detection- Introduction of Videos in tickets
7.   Customer Walk-in Count – Multiple Issues
8.   Hand-Wash less than 20 seconds

Upcoming Next

1.  Hand-wash less than 20 seconds
2. Customer Engagement Ethics- Both Hands used by staff while cash transaction
3. Person Re-Id.
4.  Shoes Detection – Preliminary Model
5.  Vehicle Dwell Time
6.  Shoplifting
7.   Staff Member not seen at Customer Table every ‘x’ interval
8.  Customer Greeted with Smile by the staff – Emotion Recognition
9.   Maximum Vehicle Count Reached
10.  Person Falling – Accident Safety
11.   New Head Detector

Product Release 1.8

What's New 🎉

  1. Option to add custom names to Detection Areas/ROIs while setting up tasks. You can now set them as Table 25, Table 26 instead of Area 1, Area 2.
  2. Include incident-specific details when downloading Tickets or Events as CSV
  3. More detailed info on incident level for selected tasks (Table occupancy, customer walk-in count)
  4. Jolt integration flow updates to make it more robust
  5. Only show "Detected on" in Tickets and Events (hide Created on)
  6. Add infinite scroll for schedule list part in edit task modal
  7. Update the confirmation modal text to make them more informative

 What's Updated and Fixed 🧩

  1. Fixed the task filter bug on playback
  2. Add input and autofocus on show modal
  3. While refetching frame, frames are not being fetched and no error is showing for the same
  4. Corrected the Recording Type filter text for Playback Filter
  5. Minor design updates
  6. Other bug fixes and improvements
2 months ago

Product Release 1.7

What's New 🎉

  1. Jolt integration. Now use to add a visual validation layer to your Jolt data
  2. Option to download Tickets and Events as a CSV for Owners and Admins
  3. Next and Previous video buttons in Playback now fetch camera-specific videos
  4. Settings page in WoConnect to manage the options easily

 What's Updated and Fixed 🧩

  1. Drastic improvement in dashboard page speed, due to front API logic rewrite
  2. Update logic to improve incident accuracy
  3. Navigation, URL and label changes for consistency
  4. Improved loader
  5. Other bug fixes and minor improvements
New AI Tasks
4 months ago

Use-Cases Release 11 (Feb-March)

New AI Use Cases☄️☄️

1.   Staff member not detected within ‘x’ seconds of Vehicle arrival.
2.   Door Open for more than x seconds- Color Based
3.   Hand not detected over rails while person walking on stairs
4.   Gas Stove ON but left Unattended for ‘x’ seconds
5.   Vehicle count after x seconds
6.   Vehicle not detected for ‘x’ seconds
7.    Staff member seen continuously for x seconds

New HI Use Cases 🆕

1.  Open Product kept in area detection
2.  Incorrect Pallet Detection
3.  Uniform Cleanliness Detection
4.  Material on Floor Detection
5.  Polyliner Detection
6.  Incorrect Housekeeping Tools detection
7.  Shoecover Detection
8.  Water Spillage detection
9.  Garbage collection bag detection
10. Misplaced Tool Detection
11. Dirty Floor Detection

Fixes/Improvisations ✔️

1.   Introduction of Gender Based Identity in Customer Walk-In count Use Case.
2.   Incident Info Displayed on Dashboard – Eg. Person Count shown outside Tickets.
3.   Improved Time-lapse in use cases
4.   Improved Hand Detection Model 
5.   Customer Wait Time Exceed
6.   Staff member seen continuously for x seconds
7.   Employee unavailable for x seconds
8.   Bug fixes- Face Mask 
9.   Bug fixes – Crowd Detection

4 months ago

Product Release 1.6

What's New 🎉
  1. ROI based Motion Video for Direct Recording
  2. Added a "Download the mobile app" section to easily download the mobile app
  3. Email verification flow for owners
  4. Added an 'All Time' option in date filters
  5. Option to select and manage multiple simultaneously locations on the task setup page
  6. New Camera OEM support
  7. Option to add standalone cameras via WoConnect
  8. Notify the owner when an admin deactivated another admin's account

 What's Updated and Fixed 🧩

  1. Navigation, URL and label changes for consistency
  2. Improved loader
  3. Other bug fixes and minor improvements
New AI Tasks
5 months ago

Use-Cases Release 10

New AI Use Cases☄️☄️

1. Employee not present for 'x' Seconds- Productivity checklist :Enhance the productivity in workplace by getting notified if staff member leaves the work station for more than allowable time.
2. Unauthorized Access to Restricted area (FR Based)- Security checklist : Get alerts if an unauthorized person attempts to access restricred area.
3. Table Occupancy Alerts- Customer Engagement checklist : Periodic events that give information about number of people present on each table for the owners to take strategic decisions.
4.  Total Vehicle count in ROI every 'x' seconds- Vehicle Management Checklist : Periodic events that give information about number of Vehicles in ROI for the owners to take strategic decisions.

New HI Use Cases 🆕

1. Person using mobile phone 📱- Productivity Checklist : Improve the productivity in workplace by getting alerts if employee uses mobile phone during peak service hours.

Fixed Use-cases✔️

1. Hairnet Compliance
2. Handwash less than 20 seconds
3. Face mask compliance
4. Gloves Compliance
5. Bill Printing but customer not present
6. Cash Till open but Customer not present.

Upcoming ⏭️⏭️

1. Total Parking Occupancy Alerts
2. Rodents Detection
3. Vehicle Wait time Exceeds (Improvisations)
4. Vehicle Queue Length Exceeded 
5. Staff member not detected within 'x' seconds of Vehicle arrival

5 months ago

Product Release 1.5

What's New 🎉

  1. Launching Analytics section. Now know the insights and analytics for tickets and events. With the powerful graphs, understand the trends for how often and for which tasks and users you raise the most tickets. Available to Owner and Admin user roles.
  2. Option to filter by tasks on the Events page

 What's Updated and Fixed 🧩

  1. Fixed some issues with the Live View
  2. Tasks now automatically get inactive if the last schedule expires
  3. Loader improvements
  4. Other bug fixes and minor improvements
6 months ago

Product Release 1.4

What's New 🎉

  1. Grouped events. Similar to tickets, now events are also grouped by same task on a location, with a grid view.
  2. Revamped filters. The filters have been completely overhauled for a better User Experience.
  3. Filters for Status (All, Open, Closed) and Detection confidence (All, Relevant) on Ticket detail page.
  4. Updated profile dropdown on top navbar with more details.
  5. New help section (with re-enabled chat for owners).

 What's Updated and Fixed 🧩

  1. Minor Changes on Signup and Sign In pages
  2. Other bug fixes and minor improvements

8 months ago

Product Release 1.3

What's New 🎉

  1. Executives and Supervisors are now mapped to locations. This means that they have access to data of specific locations only, making the permission and data management more user friendly (more details below).
  2. Plan based limits on running AI Tasks and Playback Recordings. Companies can now run tasks according to the limit set on their account, before it gets paused for that monthly cycle (more details below).
  3. User profile based timezone. For each user, a timezone is set on his profile and all the dates and times are shown based on that timezone only. This removes the confusion between showing location timezone vs browser's timezone for the users.

User Location Mapping Details
  1. Existing users and supervisors have been mapped according to tasks and tickets assigned to them.
  2. Owner and Admins are independent of locations and can view and manage data for all locations.
  3. For HI Tasks, you don't need to assign Task Assignee as all the users on that location now have access to the Playback videos by default. For all tasks, now only ticket executive needs to be assigned.
  4. While assigning tickets to users during task setup, only users from that location are shown in the list (along with Owner & Admins)

Task Consumption Flow Changes
  1. The consumption is counted as per the schedule, even if the camera is done.
  2. When a Company reaches 80% of its monthly usage, an info banner at the top starts showing informing them of this. 
  3. The Monthly cycle is based on the date of Signup. e.g. If a company signs up on the 20th of a month, its cycle will reset on the 20th of the following months.

 What's Improved and Fixed 🧩

  1. Fixed a bug where the Browse Checklist popup had excess scrolling due to a blank section.
  2. Improved loaders.
  3. Better handling of zero state screens.
  4. Many other performance improvements and bug fixes.

9 months ago

Product Release 1.2

What's New 🎉

  1. New task setup flow.
  2. Better resource and bandwidth management when multiple people live view the same cameras.
  3. Support for grading tickets on the dashboard based on detection confidence: high, medium, low, unknown.
  4. A new loader for a better UX.
  5. Updated handling of AI tasks so they can be updated instantly.

Task Flow Update Details

Screen changes
  1. Tasks now are set up via a location-first approach. The earlier 4-step setup process is now compressed into a single screen for each location.
  2. The Checklist and Manage task screens have been replaced by Tasks and My Tasks.
  3. Tasks screen shows a list of running checklists at the top, followed by the list of tasks set up, grouped by the number of locations
  4. My Tasks shows the Assignee the schedule and tasks they need to tag videos for, in a case assigned to them. Admin and owner level users see a list of all HI tasks here.
  5. Inside each schedule on my Tasks, the user can see the recorded videos and any tagged events/videos for this schedule on a particular date. This makes it easier to tag the events for a particular set of tasks.

Flow changes
  1. AI tasks now don't need to wait till the next schedule before starting/restarting. They start immediately, similar to HI Tasks.
  2. The ROI section (renamed as Detection Regions) now supports multiple regions for the same label. e.g. you can draw multiple billing machine areas for the same camera)
  3. Task Assignee is only required for HI tasks to be done by the user's team.
  4. If the user selects to edit any task, they are directly taken to task details, instead of the first task in the checklist.
  5. Tasks can be started or stopped by going inside task details on the Tasks screen and then selecting the start/stop options for a location.

 What's Updated and Fixed 🧩

  1. Deleting a task without stopping doesn't stop the task.
  2. Remove the phone number field from the user profile and while adding/editing a user.
  3. In the checklist browse popup, the company's industry is selected by default.
  4. Added more validations.
  5. Many other bug fixes and UI improvements.

11 months ago

Product Release 1.1.1

What's new 🎉

  1. Grouped Ticketing now has a select/unselect all feature
  2. Grouped Ticketing's Multi-select now also supports more actions like bulk reopen, mark as incorrect and undo incorrect option
  3. New Sign Up page with info regarding product features (
  4. Better handling of accounts for analytics purposes

What's updated 🧩

  1. Few fixes in grouped ticketing
  2. Minor bug fixes

11 months ago

Product Update 1.1

What's New 🎉

  1. Grouped ticketing launched. You can view and close multiple events for a particular task on a location together
  2. Tasks details popup design and functionality update

What's Updated 🧩

  1. Fixed the issue while logging out sometimes
  2. Updated popup design for confirmation, etc
  3. Logging of CV and Cloud logs is more robust now
  4. Added demo account link to onboarding
  5. Updated incorrect ticketing count on the homepage for executives
  6. A lot more bug fixes
12 months ago

Product Release 1.0 is live! 🥳

Here's a list of top features:
  • WoCam module for camera management
  • Live viewing of cameras
  • Option to record and playback Camera videos in different modes
  • Pre-built checklists to make it easier to setup best practices and tasks
  • Ticketing module to help raise and manage any incidents
  • Events module to see the events happening on your cameras
  • Option to invite and assign tickets to other teammates