Product Release August 2022

What's New 🎉

Dashboard 👩‍💻

  1. New Playback flow. Now it's easier to navigate and view existing recordings!
  2. OpenEye integration: Now OpenEye cameras can be onboarded and edited via the dashboard itself
  3. New Integration category for Jolt and future integrations
  4. New design for schedules list in Settings
  5. Show the last fetched frame on the Live View page, similar to the Camera Details page.

Mobile App Updates 📱

  1. New navigation drawer
  2. Settings page redesign

 What's Updated and Fixed 🧩

  1. Fixed the issue with ROI getting removed for some AI tasks
  2. Removed the open in new link symbol from the Location list page
  3. Added a redirect for users  to the Cameras list page after deleting it from its details page
  4. Fixed some timezone-related issues
  5. Updated texts on zero-state screens
  6. Updated the handling of metadata, page title and description
  7. Disabled Actions on Inactive Cameras
  8. Added consistent date format on pages and URLs
  9. Schedules now become inactive instead of being deleted after completion
  10. Fixed the issue with selected schedules not showing at top during the Recording setup
  11. Fixed issue while downloading CSV after searching from tickets and events
  12. Solve the issue of the same task appearing multiple times in filters
  13. Update confirmation popup designs