Mobile App Dashboard
10 months ago

Product Release June 2023

What's New 🎉

Dashboard 👩‍💻

  1. DriveThru real-time Operational dashboard
  2. Automated DriveThru edge processing on OpenEye devices
  3. Multi Access Company integration: Single user can now switch between multiple companies (Currently supported via OpenEye API and manually)
  4. Next Previous Event navigation on Event Details modal
  5. Floating Action Box for Settings Module
  6. Simplified URLs sharing. Any list URL opens on the same page/page size due to syncing pagination data in the URL.
  7. UI Changes on task cards on task setup, camera details and location detail pages
  8. Improved support on Safari and Firefox browsers

Mobile App 📱

  1. Deep Linking in Mobile app. Any email link now opens to the Exact page in mobile app.

Along with this multiple design updates and bug fixes across the platform have been deployed.