Mobile App Dashboard
almost 2 years ago

Product Release 1.9

What's New 🎉

  1. Introducing Location Details page: A single screen to access a location's details such as its cameras, tasks and users. Accessible via Settings > Locations.
  2. Introducing a Camera Grid view for a richer experience on the Camera List screen. (You can toggle between the list and grid views)
  3. Added support for auto-applying the filters when sharing dashboard links for better collaboration
  4. Added option to select Timezone for owner account during signing up
  5. Show the schedule duration in 'hour and minute' format on the direct recording card
  6. Updated the default time range of Tickets and Events to "All time" instead of 15 days earlier
  7. On live view, show the camera frame when streams are in a  stopped state

Mobile App Updates 📱

  1. Updated the navigation drawer and bottom navigation design
  2. Revamped the Settings page
  3. Minor design updates throughout the app

 What's Updated and Fixed 🧩

  1. Fixed the issue with search on the Events list page
  2. Fixed the issue with "Refetch Frame" while setting up a AI task
  3. Fix issue with account Timezone changing automatically for some users in specific scenarios
  4. Minor changes to the schedule section of the Direct Recording setup
  5. Improved design consistency of input fields
  6. If a Ticket is assigned to more than 1 person, now the dashboard shows "first name +n more" on the list
  7. Fixed issue with duplicate warning messages in case of a schedule conflict while setting up a task
  8. Fixed issue with owner account not appearing in Users list in Settings