Product Release 1.3

What's New 🎉

  1. Executives and Supervisors are now mapped to locations. This means that they have access to data of specific locations only, making the permission and data management more user friendly (more details below).
  2. Plan based limits on running AI Tasks and Playback Recordings. Companies can now run tasks according to the limit set on their account, before it gets paused for that monthly cycle (more details below).
  3. User profile based timezone. For each user, a timezone is set on his profile and all the dates and times are shown based on that timezone only. This removes the confusion between showing location timezone vs browser's timezone for the users.

User Location Mapping Details
  1. Existing users and supervisors have been mapped according to tasks and tickets assigned to them.
  2. Owner and Admins are independent of locations and can view and manage data for all locations.
  3. For HI Tasks, you don't need to assign Task Assignee as all the users on that location now have access to the Playback videos by default. For all tasks, now only ticket executive needs to be assigned.
  4. While assigning tickets to users during task setup, only users from that location are shown in the list (along with Owner & Admins)

Task Consumption Flow Changes
  1. The consumption is counted as per the schedule, even if the camera is done.
  2. When a Company reaches 80% of its monthly usage, an info banner at the top starts showing informing them of this. 
  3. The Monthly cycle is based on the date of Signup. e.g. If a company signs up on the 20th of a month, its cycle will reset on the 20th of the following months.

 What's Improved and Fixed 🧩

  1. Fixed a bug where the Browse Checklist popup had excess scrolling due to a blank section.
  2. Improved loaders.
  3. Better handling of zero state screens.
  4. Many other performance improvements and bug fixes.