Mobile App Dashboard
over 1 year ago

Product Release November 2022

What's New 🎉

Dashboard 👩‍💻

  1. Introducing Task Types currently supports 100+ tasks. But not all tasks’ data is equal. To help you get more insights out of the data for each task, we’re introducing Task Types, segregating the tasks into different categories: Process-based, Count based, Time-based & Occupancy based.
    Each category supports more data-rich views, analytics, and insights based on the data.
  2. Better Time-tracking in tasks
    Track how long a customer or vehicle is present, along with getting an alert when a pre-defined threshold is crossed. 
  3. Simpler Navigation:
    Events & Tickets are now merged into Tasks. You can view overall analytics or drill down to a single event via the same screen. 

What's Updated and Fixed 🧩

  1. Fixed the issue with deleting/activating/deactivating some User in Settings page
  2. Fixed the design issue when camera name is too long on NVR details page
  3. Updated the time format for 'Last Active' field in Settings > Users
  4. Change Set-up Direct recording to "Set Up Recording" and Direct Recording to "Recording"
  5. Updated some email related logic for camera offline email
  6. Fixed Live View related issues in mobile apps