Product Release September & October 2022

What's New πŸŽ‰

Dashboard πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

  1. Camera Health tracking (know which camera goes offline when and for how long)
  2. Camera offline alerts
  3. Updated the default timezone to be based on each location rather than the user's timezone
  4. Faster preview of playback list by saving camera frame
  5. Updated the car id format for DriveThru to include date (Car-081622-25, Car-081622-26, Car-mmddyy-sno, etc)
  6. Set grid view as default view for Cameras

Mobile App Updates πŸ“±

  1. Added Playback module

 What's Updated and Fixed 🧩

  1. Fixed the issue with Plan warning messages not appearing properly for some accounts
  2. Fix issues with controls on Playback player
  3. Update the date format on Live View
  4. Updated loader throughout the dashboard
  5. Added QR code to Download App section
  6. Under Connected Devices, show online devices first
  7. Update the pagination design on the Location Details page
  8. Changes on Direct Recording and Task Card
  9. Fixed the issue with search on Settings > Locations page
  10. Split the "Created Date" field in "Created (Date) and "Created (Time)" with relevant data on downloaded CSV
  11. Fixed the bug on Search on add/edit Live View is not working
  12. Location values are not showing when user opens the add live view pop up second time
  13. Hide "Unknown" label for incidents on tickets/events
  14. Remove 5 and 20 from the options, keeping 10, 25 and 50 on all pagination dropdowns
  15. While adding cameras, only allow numbers in 'RTSP Port' field on Firefox
  16. Sort the region and city in alphabetical order in the filters
  17. Show a date filter instead of DateTime filter on the Playback first screen