Product Release 1.2

What's New 🎉

  1. New task setup flow.
  2. Better resource and bandwidth management when multiple people live view the same cameras.
  3. Support for grading tickets on the dashboard based on detection confidence: high, medium, low, unknown.
  4. A new loader for a better UX.
  5. Updated handling of AI tasks so they can be updated instantly.

Task Flow Update Details

Screen changes
  1. Tasks now are set up via a location-first approach. The earlier 4-step setup process is now compressed into a single screen for each location.
  2. The Checklist and Manage task screens have been replaced by Tasks and My Tasks.
  3. Tasks screen shows a list of running checklists at the top, followed by the list of tasks set up, grouped by the number of locations
  4. My Tasks shows the Assignee the schedule and tasks they need to tag videos for, in a case assigned to them. Admin and owner level users see a list of all HI tasks here.
  5. Inside each schedule on my Tasks, the user can see the recorded videos and any tagged events/videos for this schedule on a particular date. This makes it easier to tag the events for a particular set of tasks.

Flow changes
  1. AI tasks now don't need to wait till the next schedule before starting/restarting. They start immediately, similar to HI Tasks.
  2. The ROI section (renamed as Detection Regions) now supports multiple regions for the same label. e.g. you can draw multiple billing machine areas for the same camera)
  3. Task Assignee is only required for HI tasks to be done by the user's team.
  4. If the user selects to edit any task, they are directly taken to task details, instead of the first task in the checklist.
  5. Tasks can be started or stopped by going inside task details on the Tasks screen and then selecting the start/stop options for a location.

 What's Updated and Fixed 🧩

  1. Deleting a task without stopping doesn't stop the task.
  2. Remove the phone number field from the user profile and while adding/editing a user.
  3. In the checklist browse popup, the company's industry is selected by default.
  4. Added more validations.
  5. Many other bug fixes and UI improvements.